Company History

Logistics Consultants Ltd was formed in September 2012 with the purpose of providing a high level of Professional IT Services to the logistics industry. Our initial business model was to provide services and support to the users of the Sapphire Transport Management System throughout New Zealand and Australia through a business arrangement with the new owners.

In mid 2013 it was decided that there was not a strong future with this business arrangement, specifically with regard to the limitations it imposed on additional facilities we could provide for clients. At that time it was decided that we would operate as independent consultants, focussed on meeting client requirements and giving client satisfaction. Continued success since this period has resulted in a user base in excess of 50 logistics companies within this area.

At this time we also started to focus on a replacement system offering for the prime package we supported, which was showing signs of age. It was obvious something new was needed and after some time checking the options it was decided to develop a new package for the industry.

The result was the initial implementation of the TLP Transport Management System in 2014 and a gradual increase in the services we provided clients on the new platform.

Since our inception growth has been controlled so profitability has been maintained. Despite this we have been able to significantly raise our resource levels and now have specialist staff in application, technical, report writing and technical areas. The relationships with clients have not been forgotten and so additional resource has been taken on to manage this aspect also.

The future will see Logistics Consultants continue to offer a high level of support for their Sapphire clients, who have invested heavily in their systems over the years. It will also see a growth in the distribution of the TLP Transport Management suite throughout New Zealand and Australia.

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